About us

About Us

Kamal Palace has a hidden veil to a heightened, eclectic dining experience of over 20 years.
Elegant and clean, it leaves visitor's imagining a boisterous atmosphere full of decadent food.

Kamal Palace takes a page from the culinary extravaganzas of the 'Grand Moguls' and brings the past to life, in the ambience and hospitality representative of those golden times, when every meal was a feast and every feast a gourmet delight.

On the culinary level, it was the East which conquered the West, bringing along both South and North to raise Curry to Universal Popularity.

It is a false notion that all Indian food is just "hot". All spices and herbs are used, not just for flavor and aroma, but for their digestive and nutritional values. Chilies are rich in Vitamin C, Methi revitalizes the liver. Ginger and Peppercorns aid digestion. Mint is refreshing while Coriander is good for the kidneys. Good wholesome food and good health are closely linked.

At Kamal Palace, we use only the finest ingredients to prepare dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

We invite you to new adventures in taste, with a welcome that comes from deep within our heart! Our guests are our family!